Graph detailing happiness people experience with moving.

Does Moving Increase Your Happiness

Even though the initial steps into preparing your move can be extremely stressful. Studies have been showing that over 70% of residents moving are finding the initial discomfort of moving as a short term effect. Followed by an increase in their overall happiness if they move for the right reasons. Some times we all just need a change in our life. This can range from downsizing your home and relieving the stress of taking care of a property that has outgrown your current families needs. To relocating and starting over at a new job to get a better work-life balance.

Moving from the harsh winters of Wisconsin to the beaches of California isn’t the key to happiness. Studies have found that an increase in happiness takes more than just a change of scenery. The most important factors to help you decide if its time to move is to understand the environmental factors that surround your move. Such as improvements in your living environment, the community your moving into and the work-life balance your new home provides.

To insure your move is going to increase your quality of life and overall happiness is to understand what your current home is missing. Are you commuting hours to work everyday. Do you live in a city where there is endless shops, restaurants and venues but you can’t find any peace and quiet. Suburbs have shown to be one of the most beneficial areas residents are relocating too. They provide the peace and quiet everyone is looking for to decrease their stress. With the benefits of still having a close proximity to the city and keeping a close knit community surrounding their home to make connections with.

The key to finding your happiness in your move is essentially that you do it for the right reasons. Moving will not increase your happiness if you don’t consider what you truly want to accomplish. Are you longing for a close knit community, a farm house in the country side or a condominium on the beach. The choice is yours sometimes we all need to get out of our comfort zones and experience new things. Living in your home can become stagnant after years. We can become stuck in a situation that shelters us from moving on to better things. The research indicates that the majority of new homeowners and sellers are happy with their decision. So take that leap of faith and choose the next journey you would like to go down.